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Essentials Before Going on a Long 3-Wheel Motorcycle Road trip

Updated: Mar 7

Essentials beofre going on a long 3 wheel motorcycle roadtrip

Motorcycle road trips are without a doubt a liberating and gratifying escapade as it gives a sensation of being free and at close range to nature. Traveling using a 3-wheel motorcycle in the Philippines can definitely give you a whole new level of fun and thrill while you’re on the road. Compared to a 2-wheel motorcycle, 3-wheelers are more reliable and provide a comfortable and laid-back riding experience with their unorthodox styles and features.

Just like any other road trip, it is every motor rider’s duty to assemble all essentials before gearing up for an adventure. There are circumstances wherein motorcycle road trips square up with many hurdles and challenges like weather and road conditions.

In short, remember to pack only the essentials as motorcycles have limited space. For a safe and thrilling adventure, we list down a motorcycle road trip checklist of travel essentials to keep in mind.

Pre-trip Checklist

  1. Water and Snacks - Every road trip should have frequent breaks for drinking and eating, especially when you travel to long-distance destinations, which are sure to be exhausting. Always bring bottles of water to avoid dehydration or some energy or caffeinated drinks to keep yourself energized. For snacks, motor riders go for finger food such as biscuits, chips, breads or any type of food that does not easily spoil.

  2. Emergency Cash - Always bring extra cash for emergency purposes like vehicle repair or roadside assistance and keep them in small compartments or your pockets in case of any unexpected occurrences.

  3. First Aid Kits - First aid kits are travel must-haves especially since motorcycle rides are physically demanding. Riders who have mild health conditions or injuries from accidents must obtain prepackaged first aid travel kits that contain bandages, ointments or medicines that can be purchased from any drugstore or supermarket.

  4. Rain Suits - Weather forecasts can sometimes be inaccurate, so it is a necessity to wear or bring rain gear, which are tailored to keep you completely dry, especially during the pouring rain. It includes a waterproof rain suit with gloves, lightweight and wind-resistant jackets and boot covers.

  5. Navigational Tools - A 3-wheeler like the Can-Am big bike has a built-in motorcycle-specific GPS navigation device. It has map updates and navigational software and is also waterproof and resistant to shock and vibration. It can be plugged in using traveling gloves or even through a screen. No worries, it does not require Wi-Fi coverage. GPS helps to ensure the location of your motorcycle and to keep away from getting lost on your planned routes.


Having preparations before going on road trips, especially if going alone, can make the adventure satisfying and fun-filled knowing that your motorcycle is well-checked and is ready for the road ahead. Preparation is so crucial to ensure pre-trip procedures are carefully planned in case of motor bike problems or emergencies. Make sure to conduct maintenance check-ups, pack essentials like first aid kits, food and water, and prepare all the tools in case of routine maintenance in the middle of the trip.

Investing on a 3-wheel big bike makes a good call due to its modern style and high-powered engine. Big bike motor price in the Philippines depends on its model and features but it is worth your money because 3-wheelers are easy-to-use and ensure a comfortable ride with its pleasing structure.

Experience a thrilling ride with the Can-Am big bike motorcycle, as it offers advanced stability and performance along with its state-of-the-art style and features. It is a valuable 3-wheel motorcycle due to its speed and comfort. Can-Am big bike prices in the Philippines vary on its models namely Ryker, Spyder F3 and Spyder RT.

BRP Manila provides a wide selection of Can-Am on-road big bike motorcycles in the Philippines that offers high quality performance and is a notable choice for its functionality and convenience. Call (02) 8656-9251 or 0917 2555311 to learn more.

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