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2022 Can-Am On Road Lineup

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

The popularity of 3-wheel motorcycles in the Philippines continues to accelerate as many riders and motorcycle enthusiasts are now becoming aware of the potential of these on-road rides. Can-Am, a well-known manufacturer of 3-wheelers in the on-road industry, provides an innovative and fun riding experience with their range of 3-wheel motorcycle models.

Can-Am big bikes are designed to cater to people who are looking for an easily operated motorcycle or those who have different riding preferences. These big bikes come in various models that feature state-of-the-art design, a wide stance and stability control. Every rider can enjoy a range of activities as these three-wheeled sports bikes are versatile, durable and comfortable.

Can-Am has raised its game in the market as a result of its global success and now offers a diverse lineup of Can-Am on-road motorcycles for 2022.

The latest lineup of Can-Am big bike motorcycles include the Ryker, Spyder F3 and Spyder RT series, each designed for a different riding experience.

Ryker Series

The 2022 Ryker series is built for all walks of life due to its easy twist-and-go automatic transmission and advanced technology. You can also explore any road with its lower seating position and high ground clearance.

The Ryker appeals to women and minorities due to its cutting-edge design and diverse color palette. Equipped with a 900cc or 600cc Rotax engine, this ride also offers a smooth and comfortable ride from all points of destination. This big bike’s price in the Philippines is one of the most cost-effective offerings from Can-Am.


  • Rotax 600 or 900 cc engine

  • Automatic twist-and-go transmission, stability system and fuel tank lock

  • Low-maintenance drivetrain

  • Tool-free ergonomic adjustability

  • Eco Mode and Sport Mode (900 cc engine)

A combination of boldness and excitement, the Ryker Sports offers an effortless ride with the capacity to carry a passenger, supported by its Max Mount feature. Aside from Eco Mode and Sport Mode, Ryker Sports has also leveled-up the ride mode with the new Cruise Control option.


  • Rotax 900 cc engine

  • Visually-striking style with modern trims and finishes

  • Upgraded suspension: KYB HPG with preload adjustment and Sport comfort seat

  • Max Mount structure

  • Cruise Control mode

The Ryker Rally’s robust design enables riders to travel through tough terrain smoothly without sacrificing the comfort that other Ryker models provide. The 2022 Rally has highly improved vehicle protection and suspension, high handlebars and a Rally Ride mode for controlled drifts.


  • On-road vehicle protection features such as rally tires and reinforced rims, front vehicle protector, skid plate, air intake with pre-filter, mud flaps and Akrapovic silencer

  • Advanced rider protection and comfort including hand guards, rally handleable and comfort seat adjustable anti-slip foot pegs and improved suspension

  • Equipped with Max mount structure for additional passenger accessories and cargo capacity

  • Cruise Control and Rally Mode feature for fun drifting on loose road surfaces

Spyder F3 Series

With its rugged stance and exposed engine, the Spyder F3 is indeed a standout on-road motorcycle series from Can-Am. The Spyder F3 delivers a balance of comfort and high-performance with its UFit System for positioning and a power-optimized gear ratio for speed.

The Spyder F3 is a perfect 3-wheeled motorcycle for riders who love thrill rides. It features a power-cruiser style that matches the in-line triple Rotax 1330 ACE engine and better stability control.


  • Rotax 1330 cc engine along with semi-automatic transmission, Vehicle Stability System and Eco Mode

  • Relaxed cruiser ergonomics with UFit System

  • 24.4L (6.5 gal) storage capacity

  • Front fenders with integrated LED lights

  • 11.4 cm (4.5”) wide digital gauge

The 2022 Spyder F3-S Special has all of the basic specifications of an F3-S but with a sportier-like structure. It features an enhanced KYB front shock, Sport Mode, and Cruise Control feature. It also improved the seating structure with new upgrades, including a backrest for drivers and cushy seats.


  • Sporty design with Super Sport Grille, Gauge Spoiler and Mono Seat Cowl

  • Cruise Control

  • Gas-charged KYB front shock

  • 19.8 cm (7.8”) wide digital gauge with BRP Connect

  • Vehicle optimized smartphone apps

Can-Am’s Spyder F3-T model is a great option for riders who want to bring a passenger on extended trips, especially with the big bike’s new features such as improved Cruise Control, adjustable rear air suspension and large storage capacity. Aside from rider support elements, Spyder F3-T is also backed by a BRP audio system with an audio control keypad.


  • Enhanced wind protection, self-leveling rear air suspension and integrated passenger backseat, footboards and heated grips for additional comfort

  • 138L (36.5gal) storage capacity and top case

  • Premium BRP Audio 6-speaker sound system, audio control keypad and cruise control

  • 19.8cm (7.8”) wide digital gauge with BRP Connect

The Spyder F3 Limited offers riders and passengers a smooth and relaxed adventure with its higher storage capacity. It is also equipped with heated grips and UFit footboards, as well as air suspension. The F3 Limited comes in four different colors with either dark or chrome trims, depending on the choice of color.


  • Extra comfort seat and short-reach handlebar

  • Enhanced combination of convenience and style with top case rack towing capabilities and super sport grille

  • New 12-spoke wheels

In addition to having all of the features found in Spyder F3 models, the Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited Special Series is a tour-friendly vehicle with 12-spoke wheels and SACHS front and rear shocks. This limited-edition F3 model features a candy-red color design.


  • Ultimate safe riding with comfort seat, short-reach handlebar and auxiliary lights

  • 36.5gal (138L) storage

  • Extra convenience and style that features top case rock, super sport grille and new 12-spoke wheels

  • 7.8” (19.8cm) wide digital gauge with BRP Connect

Spyder RT

The Spyder RT series is the standard Can-Am 3-wheel motorcycle. This ride provides luxury, comfort and innovation as it is equipped with a revolutionary design, high-engine performance, and top-notch convenience.

The Spyder RT is a recommended Can-Am model for long-distance adventures. It features a customized front storage compartment, a six-speaker audio system, a convertible wind protector and a digital gauge. Another good thing about Spyder RT is its extended storage made possible by LinQ compatibility.


  • Rotax 1330 cc engine (115 hp) with semi-automatic transmission, Vehicle Stability System and Eco Mode

  • Best comfort experience with touring floorboards, adjustable electric windshield, added lumbar support and heated driver grips

  • 31 gal (117 L) storage capacity with LinQ compatibility

  • BRP Audio 4-speaker sound system along with audio control keypad

  • Premium LED headlights and a full-color 7.8” (19.8cm) wide LCD display with BRP Connect

Aside from similar specs to the Spyder RT, the Can-Am Spyder RT Limited can be personalized with seven different colors to choose from. This model is outfitted with higher storage space and an integrated backrest for ultimate comfortability.


  • Rotax 1330 cc engine (115 hp) with semi-automatic transmission, Vehicle Stability System and Eco Mode

  • Self-leveling rear air suspension, heated driver and passenger seats and grips

  • 117 L (47 gal) storage capacity with LinQ compatible top case

  • BRP Audio Premium 6-speaker sound system and full-color 19.8 cm (7.8 inches) wide LCD display with BRP Connect

Can-Am’s 2022 Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky edition is specifically designed for high-speed performance and ultimate efficiency. It usually comes in earth tones, but a new color with silver trim and a top casing was later introduced. Additionally, it features a set of 12-spoke wheels covered in silver paint with a satin finish and an embroidered Sea-to-Sky logo.


  • New Luxurious Mystery Blue color and fully-painted top case

  • Ultra-comfortable adaptive foam seats with lumbar support

  • Modern silver-colored trim and Sea-to-Sky badging

  • Adjustable side wind deflectors and colored rear panel

Can-Am extends its rise in the industry by offering its 2022 on-road line-up with higher horsepower, improved traction, and upgraded comfort to give riders a thrilling and safe riding experience. In addition to stability and versatility, all Can-Am three-wheel motorcycles are designed with the use of cutting-edge technology to produce high-performance and visually striking vehicles.

To check out the 2022 Can-Am on-road lineup, visit BRP Manila. As an exclusive dealer of Can-Am motorcycles, we are here to help you find the perfect Can-Am vehicle for your needs. Call 0917 2555311 for more information on 2022 Can-Am big bike motor prices in the Philippines.

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