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ATV Buyer’s Guide

Updated: Jan 3

ATV Buyer's Guide

ATVs and four-wheelers come in a wide variety of types, sizes, and shapes. Deciding what to buy can be both exciting and confusing. Whether it is for work or play, or both, buying a brand-new ATV is something that requires a lot of thinking and good research. Luckily, we’re here to guide you narrow them down.

With so much to consider – models, cost, budget, purpose, and more –, buying a Can-Am ATV can be overwhelming. Knowing your priorities are one of the key ways to shorten the list.

What is ATV?

All-Terrain Vehicle, or ATV, is an off-road vehicle that involves a straddle or motorcycle-style seating position, a handlebar steering, and the ability to take on different terrain conditions with ease. ATVs are intended for single riders and they are also known as “quads” or “four-wheelers.”

Comparing to SSVs or side-by-side vehicles, ATVs are smaller. Can-Am side by side tends to be larger allowing multiple passengers to sit next to each other. Can-Am SSV is sometimes called UTV or utility task vehicle. It offers more functionality, while ATV is more maneuverable, capable of high speed and quick turns.

Why do you need an ATV?

When shopping for an ATV, get started with your priorities. You can begin by asking yourself, what will be the ATV for? Are you giving it to yourself or your child? Will you be using it for work, or you’re interested in ATV sports? Or maybe you need a flexible quad that can be useful for about everything? Whatever the reasons are, make sure to determine your purpose of buying an ATV to end up getting the right one, fitting your lifestyle and needs.

Different Types of ATVs


With their exceptional shifting skills and excellent handling, sport ATVs are made to satiate every thrill-seeker out there. Sport quads are quick and lightweight, designed for high jumps, solid bumps, and quick turns. They have deep suspension and powerful engines to help you win your race, be it on desert trails, sand dunes, or other extreme terrains. Thousand accessories are available to modify and enhance its style and performance.


A utility ATV is built to help get specialized work done such as farming and hunting, hence the name. Due to their hauling and towing capability, utility quads are the most popular type of ATV. These ATVs are much heavier with less suspension travel, a big motor, and more accessories that aid to help several utility jobs done.


Recreation ATVs are flexible enough to let you do both work and play. These vehicles are family-friendly featuring their all-purpose function. These are capable of adventurous trail-riding, camping, hunting, and more.


Youth ATVs, as the name suggests, are generally made for children and teenagers. They have safety features ranging from little to no suspension to an easy automatic transmission to no gears at all. These, and more, are what makes it suitable for the youth riders who are ready to take a Can-Am off-road experience.

Important Specs for an ATV


The power of your vehicle depends on its engine. Whether you’re a rookie or a professional, in need of hauling huge cargo and heavy loads, or wanting high speeds and quick turns, an array of options is available for you.


If you need your ATV to do hard jobs such as towing and hauling hefty loads, then ensure that it has a large towing and cargo capacity, as well as big storage and fuel capacity.


Adding further equipment can either beautify or enhance your ATV’s performance or comfort. With an endless number of optional equipment, make sure to match them with your needs. Your Can-Am outlander, for instance, can have a rack extension or a ranch rear bumper to make tough work more seamless and tireless.


As shown above, there are a diverse of great ATVs available out there. As long as you know your needs in the right category, you can never go wrong, especially if you did your homework carefully.

Check out the boldest selection of Can-Am off-road vehicles tailored to fit your needs and lifestyle. BRP Manila offers a wide range of cutting-edge ATVs, specifically designed to make your every adventure limitless and extraordinary. For inquiries, call us at (02) 8656-9251 or 0917-2555311.

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