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SSV Buyer’s Guide

Updated: Jan 3

SSV Buer's Guide

SSVs or UTVs are heavy-duty, flexible, and very functional, hence their growing popularity. Its rising demand has led manufacturers to expand their capacity to satiate the ever-increasing expectations of their patrons. Shopping for an SSV is thrilling, but it can get confusing also. With an array of choices available out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Can-Am side by side vehicles has been significantly useful to several applications, be it for work, for fun, or both.

Understanding the primary use of the vehicle, proper research, and the experience of the rider plays an integral part in the decision-making process. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll drive you to buy the off-road machine that fits your needs best.

What is SSV?

The side-by-side vehicle (SSV or SxS), also called utility task vehicle (UTV), is a 4- to 6-wheeled off-road vehicle. It involves a steering wheel and foot-pedal driving system and a distinctive side-by-side bucket seat set-up, hence its name. Can-Am SSV offers room for companions and additional safety, while Can-Am ATV features great maneuverability and convenience, but both are great to hit harsh terrains.

In general, ATVs are easier to transport in long distances than SSVs. ATVs are capable of quick turns and they’ll fit in narrow obstacles. Side-by-side vehicles, on the other hand, continue to skyrocket fame and prominence due to their toughness, resilience, and all-purpose applications. Owning both is like having the best of both worlds.

Getting Started: Knowing Your Needs

Determining your needs and priorities should be the first step to finding the Can-Am off-road vehicle built for you. Know where exactly will you be using the SSV. Will you be using it for work or leisure? Maybe you need a versatile SSV that can do almost everything, much like a Can-Am outlander. When weighing the different types, values, and riding conditions of your SSV keep in mind that each model has its own pros and cons. Find the one that suits your lifestyle well.

Types of SSV

Generally, SSVs or UTVs are divided into the following classifications.


These SSVs boast their powerful engine for optimum horsepower, exceptional traction systems, and innovative suspension setups. These vehicles put performance first before anything else, ensuring to endure different extreme environments and different terrains. Riders enjoy its superior endurance, reliability, and customization.


Utility side-by-side vehicles are built to do tough jobs such as farm works and commercial-related applications. Aside from handling tough terrains, they also feature great towing capacities, maximum storage space, and winches. Many industries such as farming, forestry, and construction sites have proven their usefulness and handiness. It can accommodate multiple passengers safely and comfortably.


Primarily, recreational SxSs are used for adventurous trail-riding, hunting trips, and family activities. These vehicles provide maximum cabin comfort for the whole gang while letting them experience extreme adventures. It gets through deep-rutted, rocky uneven terrains with ease. Recreational SSVs are highly customizable allowing you to add accessories for additional safety or performance.


While there is a load of things to consider when shopping for an SSV or UTV, realizing your needs and doing comprehensive research is the key to the right purchase. SSVs are useful tools at home and in many industries. Between the models, purpose, and pricing, you can get stuck in the decision-making. The right model should fit your lifestyle and your needs.

BRP Manila is a reliable provider of Can-Am off-road vehicles in the Philippines. We offer a wide range of Can-Am SSV ready for any extreme terrain conditions fueling your off-road passion with optimum capacity, comfort, and reliability. For inquiries, contact us at (02) 8656-9251 or 0917-2555311.

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