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Preparing your Jet Ski for Summer

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Preparing Your Jetski For Summer

Summer is known to be the warmest season of the year. For personal watercraft (PWC) and jet ski owners, summer is the most awaited time of the year to create fun memories on the water. Such water activities don’t come easy, however. There are things to consider to get your jet ski ready to hit the waves:

  • Spark plugs. Any emergency or problem that you may face in the water can easily be avoided by checking and replacing the PWC’s spark plugs before use, or as instructed by the manufacturer in the manual. For owners of Sea-Doo models, suppliers like BRP Manila offer assistance on how to replace spark plugs.

  • Battery. For most personal watercrafts, it is advised to remove the battery from the vessel for long-term storage. When placing back the battery for use after a long time has passed, make sure that the battery has enough charge to last the duration of your chosen water activity. As a rule, you’re not supposed to charge the battery while it is fitted in the watercraft.

  • Sacrificial anode. A quick inspection of your sacrificial anode or galvanic anode can tell if you need to replace it already. An obvious sign that your anode has to be changed is when you notice it has been worn more than halfway. The sacrificial anode is meant to be changed from time to time to avoid any serious damage to your jet ski.

  • Wear-and-tear signs. Before every use, check your PWC for any signs of damage and wear and tear, including deep scratches, nicks and grooves. Contact your PWC provider ASAP if your vessel is already showing signs of water penetration, especially if the engine is affected.

  • Engine oil and filter. XPS oil kits are conveniently available online or from your dealer, and can be delivered to your home. You can change your engine oil and filter by yourself, but if you require professional assistance, feel free to contact your PWC supplier.

  • Washing and polishing. XPS wash and wax can remove build-ups like dust, dirt and grime from your jet ski after long periods in storage. This product will give your personal watercraft a high-gloss, brand-new look. XPS vinyl and plastic UV protectants can also help shield your vessel from the sun’s strong UV rays, cracking and fading.

  • Pre-ride routine. If you want to make the most out of your time on the water, especially if you’re a beginner, check you PWC manual for a set of pre-ride checklist.

Here’s a list of other things you can do to prepare yourself before a jet ski ride:

  • Choose a destination that will help you maximize your time and enjoyment on your jet ski. You can search online for island and beach tours near your area for starters.

  • Consider hiring a professional instructor for assistance in both choosing a vessel and riding one.

  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of Philippine jet skiing for you and your companion’s safety.

  • Research for the best route of your journey, especially if you are very particular to sight-seeing and views.

  • Make sure to wear comfortable jet ski apparel and safety gears for protection. Applying sunblock and sunscreens should be also on your checklist.

  • Mind your valuables while out on the water. If you can’t bring your belongings on your person, make sure that you leave them with someone you trust.

AT BRP Manila, we prioritize both your fun and safety while you’re enjoying your water adventure. We supply high-quality jet skis and offer personal watercraft rentals, depending on the client’s needs. For more inquiries, contact us at (02) 8656 9251. or 0917-2555311.

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