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On-Road vs Off-Road Touring: What’s the difference

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

A long drive adventure with stunning scenery offers a great way to escape the busy realities of life. If you’re planning your next road adventure, consider on-road and off-road touring, both of which will suit your interests and satisfy your cravings for new adventures, but in different ways.

On Road Touring

What Is On-Road Touring?

On-road touring involves driving a car designed to travel on a concrete road. It is a self-reliant journey meant for remote destination explorations, more than beating obstacles. This is great for wanderlust, seeing new places, camping and other outdoor experiences.

Off Road Touring

What Is Off-Road Touring?

Off-road touring involves maneuvering a 4x4 vehicle through rough roads and obstacle-ridden terrain. Off-road activities include green laning, rock crawling, dune bashing and other extreme land expeditions. For such activities, iIt is imperative that the type of off-road adventure you seek matches the off-road recreational vehicle you have.

BRP Manila offers a range of Can-Am off-road vehicles in the Philippines suitable for any and all thrilling off-road experiences.

Differences Between On-Road and Off-Road Touring

The main difference between on-road and off-road touring is the vehicle used during the activity.

For on-road touring, bicycles, cars, trucks and jeeps are most suitable. Nowadays, mechanized vehicles with high-performance engines and enhanced aerodynamics, such as the Can-Am on-road vehicles in the Philippines, are also being used for on-road adventures.

Off-road recreational vehicles, meanwhile, are designed for rough and uneven terrains. Models, including SUVs and ATVs, typically feature flexible suspension and large tires with deep, open treads. Some of these vehicles are specifically developed for leisure and open-air getaways.

In terms of advantages, off-road touring involves navigating through fresh terrain that may be rocky, muddy or snowy. Activities place focus on surviving nature’s challenges. On the other hand, on-road touring offers greater speed since vehicles are driven on even, tarmacked roads.

Since off-roading is more intense than on-roading, the vehicle used needs to be equipped with special apparatuses and features for obstacle resistance purposes. However, hybrid vehicles that boast on-road and off-road qualities are now becoming more common.

On-road touring focuses on relaxing road trips and explorations, while off-road touring concentrates on beating nature’s restrictions, but both of them promote fun and excitement with nature.

BRP Manila offers a range of adventure vehicles specifically designed to suit the needs and wants of thrill seekers. Check out our selection of on-road and off-road touring vehicles today. For more information, call (02) 8656 9251.

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