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Can AM Ryker: An Overview

Updated: Jan 3

Can-Am Ryker

Powersport vehicles have been providing thrill and excitement for many years – and with no intention to stop! Since their launch, these engines have never ceased evolving boasting new and exhilarating features to level up your ride. Recent models are tailored safer and more accessible than ever, allowing users to feel more connected to their vehicles on the road.

Between two and four-wheelers, comes the Can-Am Ryker, a three-wheel bike segment that offers both comfort and style. Although the smallest among the Can-Am three-wheel motorcycle car lineup, the Can-Am Ryker is geared with a powerful engine for optimum fun. Whether, you love to wander on the road, or passionate about off-roading, the Can-Am Ryker grants you the best of both worlds.

Specs & Features

Can-Am Ryker is highly flexible and adjustable ensuring that every ride is a thrill ride. Its low seating position allows heightened comfort, further ability to feel the road, tackle tight turns, and much more. Gear up on a safer, more confident ride with an intuitive twist-and-go transmission and no gear shifting. Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition offers specifications listed below:

  • Engine – Rotax ACE 900cc triple-cylinder engine

  • Transmission – Automatic transmission (CVT) with reverse function

  • Suspension – Front: KYB HPG with preload adjustment / 6.38 in. (162 mm), Rear: KYB HPG 40mm with remote reservoir 4-position compression adjustable damping and preload adjustment / 6.89 in. (175 mm)

  • Cargo capacity – Glovebox with USB, 1.85 gal (7 L)

  • Riding modes – Eco Mode, Sport Mode, and Rally Mode

  • Horsepower: 82 HP

  • Torque: 58.3 lb-ft

  • Dry Weight: 616 lbs (280 kg)

  • Seat Height: 24.2 in (615 mm)

Ready for any road conditions, the Ryker is equipped with rally tires and reinforced rims, front grille protection, and skid plate. Its structural handguards, rally seat, and the upgraded suspension offers maximum protection and comfort. The Max Mount structure is capable of adding passenger accessories and cargo options as needed. Additionally, any thrill-seekers will surely enjoy its Rally Mode for additional fun drifting on loose road surfaces.

With Can-Am Ryker you can hit the road with style, your style! Its tool-free adjustability lets you customize the vehicle according to your taste and comfort with ease. Change your riding position in seconds or swap the colors by switching out panels as well as adding or removing accessories that best suit you. The Ryker offers several ways to keep it personalized and unique in your own ways including custom-colored panels with 22 color options, hoods, windshields, and lights.

Each Can-Am Ryker is designed to be eco-friendly, minimal parts are made of durable and recyclable materials. Thus, a low-cost and high-quality vehicle with a lighter and greener footprint. Driven to perform, these vehicles integrate robust, reliable driveshaft technology allowing the riders to have the smoothest maintenance-free ride possible.

The Can-Am Ryker features the perfect balance of vehicle performance and fuel efficiency with its effortless twist-and-go shifting. The footpegs devote 9 inches of adjustability that moves along with the brake pedal making everything smoother and easier. You can also modify the handlebars as you like. Its innovative engineering impeccably fuses the effects and advantages of ABS, plus traction and stability control systems for a bolder, more secure ride.


Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate rider, Can-Am Ryker is an incredible choice. Challenge every limit without sacrificing your safety with its unparalleled ease of use and driving. Stand-out with its highly customizable features permitting you to make it more like you. Maneuvering this three-wheeled motorcycle is like driving a three-wheeled car due to its automatic transmission and foot brake. Check out the full details of our Can-Am Ryker with an affordable price here!

BRP Manila offers a range of excellent and stylish Powersport vehicles in the Philippines such as Can-Am on-road vehicles. Own every road with our Can-Am Ryker that delivers top-quality performance, safety, and style. For inquiries, give us a call at (02) 8656-9251 or 0917-2555311 today!

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