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ATV vs SSV: What are their Differences?

Updated: Jan 3

ATV vs SSV: What are their differences

Whether for leisure or competition, going off the paved roads to see the hidden gems of nature is an experience you get to treasure forever. Get the chance to leave the city and hit the rocky, muddy road with your ATV or Can-Am SSV in the name of fun. Get in the wild and find life’s greatest adventure.

What is off-roading?

Off-roading is driving through the unpaved ground or natural terrains such as riverbeds, sand dunes, and mountainsides. With Can-Am off road or 4x4 vehicles, going through rough roads and obstacle-ridden terrain is a fair game for off-roaders. Some off-road activities include rock crawling, dune bashing, green laning, and more.

What is ATV?

An all-terrain vehicle or ATV is a motorized vehicle designed to be used off-road that often has four low-pressure tires. It involves a seat in the middle that a rider straddles and the steering by the handlebars. ATVs are also called “four-wheelers” or “quads.”

BRP Manila’s Can-Am ATV delivers more performance than you need. These vehicles are highly durable and versatile that handles low-pressure tires, tough suspension, tight turns, and high speeds. These heavy-duty vehicles are capable of towing big loads and satiate the thrill you’re looking for when you let loose with it in nature. ATV models come in a variety and are customizable according to your liking.

What is SSV?

A side-by-side vehicle (SxS), or SSV, is an off-highway vehicle known for its 4-to-6-wheel design. SSV boasts its unique side-by-side bucket seat set-up along with its steering wheel and foot-pedal driving system. SSVs are also referred to as UTVs (utility task vehicles).

BRP Manila’s Can-Am side by side features a sturdy protective exterior, rollover protection bars, and ease of mobility. They are great for recreational adventuring outdoors equipped with safety gears, yet dependable to accomplish utility tasks. SSVs are available in different models that fit different lifestyles.

ATV vs SSV: What are the differences?

  • ATVs are smaller vehicles and meant for single-riders, while UTVs are beefier allowing multiple users to seat next to each other.

  • ATVs are better for tight surfaces and quick turns and are usually used for racing. SSVs, on the other hand, are designed for rougher terrain, hauling, and utility tasks.

  • ATVs use straddle seating to drive, while SSVs let you sit in bench or bucket seats.

  • ATVs use a handlebar as a steering system. SSVs use a steering wheel similar to a car.

Advantages & disadvantages

When weighing the pros and cons between ATV and SSV, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one is better than the other. Each vehicle has its unique advantages and disadvantages in terms of applications, riding environments, activities, and logistical considerations.

If you like riding alone at high speeds and nimble maneuver, then ATV is made for you. Meanwhile, if you opt for a vehicle that has multiple seats with more functionality and better safety, then SSV is your ally. However, some off-roaders choose to have the duo so they can enjoy the best of both worlds.


UTVs and SSVs are great vehicles with multiple uses. Regardless of which vehicle you choose, ensure that it is right for you, allowing you to have the best outdoor experience, exploring nature and beating its limits. While there are seemingly endless choices out there, knowing the differences and pros and cons of an ATV and an SSV can help to decide the right purchase.

BRP Manila offers the toughest, most capable Can-Am ATVs and SSVs, well-designed to fit the needs and wants of thrill-seekers. Check out the coolest selection of our off-road touring vehicles available in customizable models. For inquiries, feel free to call us at (02) 8656-9251 or 0917-2555311.

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