Outboard Motor/Engine Maintenance Tips

brpmanila | Aug. 22, 2020, 8:55 a.m.

In most cases, outboard motors demand little maintenance services, provided it is well taken care of. Although you are not a mechanic owner, appropriate engine care for outboard is attainable, since most procedure does not require special tools. Preventive boat motor maintenance can facilitate safe boating and can prolong your engine’s efficiency.

How much maintenance does my outboard motor need?
Outboard motor maintenance will not ask too much from you, on the contrary, little maintenance is required. However, there are some things to keep in mind for proper engine protection, which include:
  • neglecting its cooling needs can result in an engine blow-up
  • ignoring potential fuel problems can clog up the motor
  • letting the leaky seals accompany the lower unit during winter can bust it up
  • letting zinc depleted invites corrosion
  • allowing dinged props to shake the stuffing out of the bearing or other moveable parts
Maintenance tips:
The following are some tips on how to maintain your outboard motor properly.
  • Sustain the fuel tank topped when the motor is idle. This will lessen the chance of condensation build-up.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer when refilling the fuel. This is essential now with ethanol fuels.
  • Examine the prop whenever you have a chance. A ding can start a chatter at sailing speeds, and a tiny one can be silent and still cause damage to the engine.
  • Inspect the hoses and fittings, cool water is necessary to go through, to refrain the engine from burning up.
  • Check your Evinrude’s engine fuel line if a crack and worn spots occur.
The owner’s manual of an outboard motor may have a little section, but that does not make it less important. When in doubt, you can consult your dealer. Evinrude Philippines provides proper assistance to customers in need.

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